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Project: Eating My House Deposit

Web Development


Eating My House Deposit is a project that challenges the notion presented in the media that millennials are unable to break into the Australian housing market due to their excessive spending on non-necessities. Several articles from baby boomers and state that millennials need to stop complaining and instead curb their lifestyle expenses (such as coffee, streaming services and smashefd avocado on toast) to live frugally in order to afford a home. The aim of the project is to show that these lifestyle expenses over the long term are relatively insignificant in comparison to a mortgage and the time it takes to pay it off. Its intended to unveil the ongoing rise in housing prices as a larger factor in young people’s unaffordability and offer them some reprieve from the guilt these articles often incite. Consequently its primary target audience is young people and prospective first home owners; its secondary audience is older Australian’s and existing homeowners who have not faced the current barriers in the market.
It is realised in a web platform.

Technology Used